Here’s Why The Market Will Climb Higher Until April 2025

The Stock Market Has Only Just Begun Its Next Leg Up

We’ll be heading a lot higher in the market until at least April 2025.

The black line, top panel, is the monthly business confidence index going back to 1998 in this particular chart. Data is available back to 1955, but shows the same cycle. By the way, the chart will expand upon clicking.

This business confidence reading is as perfect of a leading indicator for stocks as there is available. Perfect? no, but near to it.

The red line is the timing cycle of the business confidence cycle projected out into time.

The bottom panel is the Dow Jones Industrial Avg. As the chart will show, we have only just began to turn up in the confidence cycle as of May of 2023 – And that’s when everyone in the stock market was at their most bearish.

What has happened since then? A resumption of the secular bull market!

We believe the market climbs higher (bumps along the way of course) until April 2025 – after that, take caution on entries through the remainder of that year:

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