A “Buy Signal” Is In The Making on the TradeTimingPro Model

The XLK ETF Now Aligning with the TradeTimingPro Model Historical Pattern

Signals are just that – signals. They should not be taken as triggers for entry. This is an exciting time for us at TradeTimingPro because we’re watching the “birth of a buy signal” on the chart included here.

That analogy might seem a bit extreme, but the truth is, trading is raw and unemotional. We act on data and data alone. And our proprietary TTP model is beginning to shape it’s next buy signal for us.

One of our TradeTimingPro models alerts us when the red line in the lower panel dips below the overlaid blue line. This tells us “time to pay attention”.

Once price action turns up or falls OUT of alignment with the red line, we know it’s a lower risk entry.

For the XLK, we’re watching the buy signal to complete its formation sometime in late May or early June.

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