A predictive and highly accurate trade timing model

The TradeTimingPro model is a proprietary trading model adaptable to both bull and bear markets, periods of distribution and accumulation, as well as applicable to most market equities.

The model places heavy emphasis on the calendar as well as relative performance to the general stock market, industry peers, and seasonal and historical tendencies. To learn more, visit the link below.

TradeTimingPro will be offering a monthly subscription service to readers. The subscription service will offer subscribers 5-7 powerful TradeTimingPro trade ideas each month tied to specific dates on the calendar.

Each trade idea will include:

  • Entry and exit trade dates
  • Visual and easy to understand chart per equity trade idea
  • Seasonal strength and weakness information

Subscribers have access to:

  • All past and future newsletters released
  • The ability to submit equity analysis requests
  • Exclusive market and industry insights

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Alternatively, visitors are welcome to sign up to the once quarterly TradeTimingPro trade idea HERE.

Disclaimer: TradeTimingPro and/or its founder are not claiming that any account will definitely achieve profits or losses by using this service. The service and information offered here is intended for educational and informational purposes. TradeTimingPro is not a Registered Investment Advisor, nor a financial advisor, nor any kind of state or federally regulated investment advisory service. If you decide to invest real money, remember that all trading decisions are your responsibility and trading/investing carries risk of loss. Results and cycle timing can be influenced by any number of market factors at any moment in time. Any anticipated performance results have limitations. Any trading program is designed with the advantage of hindsight. It is important to evaluate whether trading is suitable for you given your financial condition. The owner and/or affiliated parties of TradeTimingPro are not responsible for any amount of loss of capital due to actions taken directly or indirectly after receiving information from TradeTimingPro. In other words, by subscribing to TradeTimingPro, you assume all risk.