Miss the Walmart Stock Rally? Here’s Your Next Buy-In Date

Walmart Inc. Stock has been Following a Cyclical Pattern – And Here’s your Next Chance to Catch a Swing Upward!

Luckily for those studying specific stock cycles, Walmart (Ticker: WMT) stock has historically been a poster-child of a near-perfect pattern-following equity.

The recent rally, although the magnitude was not easily forecast, was in fact forecast using a simple cycle timing method as shown on the chart above.

For those who missed the recent pop, our TradeTimingPro model is telling us the following:

  • Watch for price to remain strong into the 1st week of June
  • Then observe weakness and/or sideways action until early/mid-July.
  • Traders and investors should be looking for a next entry the last week of July.

If you’re interested in a more detailed and precise forecast, sign up to our free quarterly TradeTimingPro alert here.

To your success.

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